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FRP profile / fiberglass / L / U-shaped



  • Material:

    FRP, fiberglass

  • Cross section:

    L, U-shaped, T, rectangular, round, square

  • Applications:

    for building, for industrial buildings, for structure, for walkways


P-TREX profiles in fibre-reinforced composite material (PRFV/GFRP) combine strength, reliability and safety. The excellent properties of compatibility and reversibility mean that they are non-invasive and provide an innovative response which is efficient, affordable and sustainable, replacing conventional materials such as wood, steel or stainless steel.
It is widely used in industry, but is also implemented in building for structural reinforcement, retrofitting and seismic improvement of historic buildings, in addition to the creation of new structures, both temporary and permanent. As well as being lightweight, strong and quick and easy to install, the profiles can be assembled to the designer’s specifications, and are maintenance-free.
The numerous production lines guarantee a vast choice of P-TREX profiles with prompt delivery; over 200 shapes made from a variety of raw materials and in different colours.