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Synthetic clay surface / for tennis courts
FIELDTURF FieldTurf Tarkett


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    for tennis courts


As a durable and all-weather resistant sport surface to many hours of play, synthetic turf has now become a recognised and widely used solution for tennis and paddle courts. After studying for nearly 20 years user requirements and the problems faced by facility managers, FieldTurf has created a range of synthetic turfs for tennis and paddle, proposing a palette of efficient solutions adapted to each type of use.

With factories at Auchel (France) and especially Valls (Spain), FieldTurf boasts more than 25 years’ experience in the production of synthetic turf for tennis and paddle. Thousands of players of all levels have been able to appreciate the technical qualities of tennis and paddle courts on over 800 000 m² of turf manufactured by the company. Constantly striving to improve its offering, the FieldTurf Research & Development department has built up strong relations with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) to manufacture even more innovating products. The polymer structure of the fibre makes the field hard-wearing and durable, without compacting at the back of the court, requiring only minimum maintenance. The UV treatment ensures that the fields retain their natural colour over the years.


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