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    moss, natural

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This set of reindeer moss circles is characterised by the soft feel and wild look of the reindeer moss. Toghether, those three circles form a harmonic design object that can even be placed in more humid rooms. Every one of the circles is available in 8 different colours, so you can create your individual composition. Simply note the colours you would like each circle to have down in the comment section during the checkout process.

The moss circles are surrounded by high quality frames made of high grade steel. All of our plants and mosses are genuine and 100% naturally preserved. That is why they are intended for interior use only. As it is a natural product even the same colour can have different shades.

The high grade steel frames are hand manufactured and made in Germany.

In one of our two small manufactories just outside Munich and in Porto, Portugal, we lovingly produce and pack and each styleGREEN product by hand.

- Wight: 34 cm approx. 6 kg, 54 cm approx. 10 kg, 80 cm approx. 12 kg
- Dimensions (diameter): 34 cm, 54 cm, 80 cm
- Height: approx. 10 cm
- Greenery type: 100% natural reindeer moss
- Suspension: the circles are equipped with mounting brackets on the back
All processed mosses are 100% real and durably preserved in a special process. Though these plants don´t require light or water, they retain their vividly green appearance and a fresh, soft feel.