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lacquered wood walk-in wardrobe
HARMONY F.M. Bottega d'Arte Mobili Classici

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lacquered wood walk-in wardrobe lacquered wood walk-in wardrobe - HARMONY


  • Material:

    lacquered wood


The classical aesthetic convention which inspires our creations would be nothing without another basic element: the harmony of the whole.
Harmony is proportion of shapes and colors, right choice of materials, finishes, technical solutions able to make that piece of furniture precious and unique.
Harmony is adoption of rich quality solutions (such as the use of water chernozem in coloring, beeswax for the polishing, lac and grease).
Thats why the pieces manufactured by Bottega dArte, thanks to the respect of the esthetical conventions and the natural systems of work, are unique in style, aesthetics and functionality.