IP68 moving head spot / LED / for public spaces / outdoor
UL900 Fontana Fountains



  • Protection class:


  • Light source:


  • Market:

    for public spaces

  • Location:


  • Other characteristics:

    submersible, for fountains


UL900 is every light designers dream. It offers stunning RGBAW illumination in a beautiful, heavy duty housing made of pure Stainless Steel. It is a both architectural and show-oriented underwater light that is designed and built to last for decades. The UL900 has a direct DMX input for easier integration in shows and it is also RDM enabled to be configured remotely. With power consumption of only 85 Watts, it becomes perfect value for money when it comes to powerful, yet eco-friendly illumination.

UL900 incorporates 30 High-Power LEDs made by Cree, Inc. (USA) which create 1.0995 Quadrillion of vivid hues at a light flux of 3.643 lumens. The sophisticated, color-mixing optics create a beam of absolutely uniform color no matter the percentages of each color. UL900 is a Class III luminaire, CE certified, offering IP68 protection degree. Its housing is made of superior quality, highly durable & corrosion resistant AISI304 stainless steel (or 316L on request) with stylish finishing. UL900 can be connected on any voltage between 10-30V DC without affecting intensity. The DMX input is galvanically isolated and it requires only one cable for both Power and DMX. Standard models ship with 3 meters of waterproof chlorine-resistant cable.

The RDM enabled DMX input permits easier and faster installation, and the LED board incorporates a Microprocessor handling and communicating data such as Device ID, DMX Address, color, intensity, temperature, humidity, duty hours & status with advanced safety features like 16-step thermal protection and reverse polarity protection. UL900 is made for trouble-free, longtime operation under the harshest conditions.