contemporary wardrobe / lacquered wood / solid wood / glass
APP/APP SILENCE by Pinuccio Borgonovo FORMER /Busnelli



  • Style:


  • Material:

    lacquered wood, solid wood, glass, leather

  • Door:

    sliding door, folding door, with swing doors

  • Options:

    with bookcase


APP, Architectural_Partition_Project, is the design logic behind all night systems of the Former collection. A radically new way of conceiving cabinets as real architectural elements. The cabinet is designed to work as self-supporting wall; unlike a masonry wall, however, it can be dismantled and repositioned without any need for structural work. The organization of spaces in the home becomes much more flexible and can easily change over time according to your needs. According to the APP logic, the Center, Shop and Avenue systems are designed to integrate with each other and other additional elements. Center and Shop serve as centerpieces of all combinations: both, in addition to standard wall installation, can be positioned in the middle of the room, becoming self-supporting walls in all respects. In this solution, the rear portion is exposed and can be integrated with another Former, Center, Shop, Avenue system, fitted with vertical paneling or other panels that can be enhanced with supporting accessories. The self-supporting storage walls can work in any area of the house and used as partitions or to separate two rooms. In this case, the solution can be fitted with real doors, with handles and locks or, optionally, the same handles of the doors of the wardrobe system. For all Shop wardrobes and walkin closets, APP has been conceived to accommodate technical compartments for the passage of electrical connections. With APP Silence, the wall-wardrobe is completed with sound-absorbing panels that guarantee exceptional acoustic comfort.