modular shelf / contemporary / lacquered aluminum
LIB_RIS by Alalda_Design FORMER /Busnelli



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    lacquered aluminum


Key language of the modern design, an allusion to the Tetris game, a highly creative and technological formal composition. Seven modular elements of different shapes and dimensions combine between them in more less asymmetrical infinite compositional solutions. In the research of practicality, Lib_ris is presented with 3 predefined modules, that could be used vertically or horizontally and combined between them, extending themselves for duplication of the same elements. Lib_ris is characterized by the thin thickness, obtained from a hi-resistance extruded aluminum, conferring solidity and technological value. The elements are made by assemblage at 45° by means of a reinforcement core inserted in the bent head-milled respecting each connection side. The joint is guaranteed through the use of a polyurethane based adhesive of high resistance. The connection of the elements is given by the means of a double thread broach (male and female) hexagonal shaped, inserted in proper holed place for the assembling and available in two different sizes: one to connect the elements and another one to close the cavities when there are no elements to be added. Under request, the library can be fixed to the wall with an optional kit (upon verification). The finishing is performed with liquid paint application and finely embossed. Available in different colors. Materials as per finishing data sheet.