high sideboard / contemporary / aluminum / glass
MISS by Pinuccio Borgonovo FORMER /Busnelli



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  • Material:

    aluminum, glass


Miss, family of products between cupboard and sideboard of different compositional solutions, with hinged doors or drawers, of pure expressive essence. Miss, cell of a wise care of manufacture and materials; structure in extra light back varnished glass or fume mirror, frontal drawer and door in transparent or back varnished extra light glass. Internal drawer in anodized aluminum with bottom in etched tempered glass. The structure of the shelf and drawer in aluminum. Sideboard and cupboard internally glossy lacquered. The back panel of the cupboard internally in mirror. Internal shelves of the cupboard in transparent or lacquered glass. In the cupboard, accessories available like white touch led light and internal drawer with bottle holder glossy lacquered. Materials as per finishing data sheet.