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mechanical lock / for lockers / coin / high-security
OJMAR Frajt s.r.o.



  • Mechanism:


  • Product applications:

    for lockers

  • Opening system:


  • Other characteristics:



These locks can be advantageously used for
storage boxes in swimming establishments, in libraries, in shopping centres
lockers in the swimming pools, in the ski centres, tennis centres
The coin-operated lock is adapted for tossing in the advance coin equal to CZK 5, 10 or 20. Tokens can be ordered instead of coins. The key remains locked in the lock until a coin is tossed in and locker is locked. Once the locker is unlocked the coin is released and returned or arrested in money-box, the key remains locked in the lock again.

The locking coin system means progress in the locker room management, reducing the number of lost or stolen keys. Easy operator-free system, no issuing the keys against an advance payment. No accounting problems about issuance or returning of the advance payments. Comfort in locker rooms – newcomers may select any vacant locker.

Plug System:
lock system with replaceable plug
replacement of plugs is very easy
all you need to do is use an ejecting key to take out the plug and mount new plug
it is not necessary to dismount the lock
basic version of the lock plug