glass door handle / aluminum / bronze / brass
1267 Franz Schneider Brakel FSB



  • Product applications:

    glass door

  • Material:

    brass, aluminum, bronze

  • Style:


  • Options:

    with lock


Hartmut Weise has set his hand to cre­at­ing a door-lever col­lec­tion that is both ex­ceed­ingly elegant and highly ar­tic­u­late. FSB 1267 takes the orig­i­nal flowing tran­si­tion from cir­cu­lar neck to flat grip and re-in­ter­prets it, in the process re­duc­ing the fore­fin­ger furrow to a mere notion. The actual grip has been lev­elled out.

In-line handles for flush and framed doors are sup­ple­mented by an EN 179 variant with return to door and a cranked model for nar­row-frame doors. FSB 1267 is avail­able in the ma­te­ri­als Alu­minium, Brass and Bronze and is pre­pared for the FSB ASL®/AGL® bearing system. The range is rounded off by plug-in handles for doors and windows, a fitting for glass doors and con­ven­tional window handles.