patio drainage channel / for parking lots / stainless steel / modular
100P fratelli malin srl



  • Applications:

    patio, for parking lots

  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Configuration:

    modular, with grating


The flat channels with MALIN grid are particularly suitable in those cases where installation space is extremely limited. Every single unit is provided with side brackets for concrete anchoring, n. 4 seats per meter in order to anchor each individual grid, adjusting screws and levelling feet to position the channels in the best possible way during laying operations. The different grid models are interchangeable at any time and bear any load.

FIELDS OF USE: Thanks to their reduced height, the 100P channels are particularly suitable for use in: terraces, parking and restoration works. Therefore, they are suitable for use in all those places where it is necessary to fit the channel in a restricted area.