contemporary dining table / laminate / linoleum / rectangular
MESA by Welling & Ludvik Fredericia Furniture



  • Style:


  • Material:

    laminate, linoleum

  • Shape:


  • Options:

    eco-friendly, recyclable

  • Color:

    white, black

  • Height:

    73 cm (28.7 in)

  • Length:

    Max.: 300 cm (118 in)

    Min.: 120 cm (47 in)

  • Width:

    100 cm (39.4 in)

    Max.: 130 cm (51.2 in)

    Min.: 90 cm (35.4 in)


With its slim 28 mm tabletop, Mesa is an understated line drawn through the room. The linoleum or laminate tabletop stands in sharp contrast to the soft curves of the aluminium frame and legs.

In Mesa, Welling/Ludvik have designed a table that is stripped of decoration and superfluous detail. Thanks to the simplicity of the design, this table blends seamlessly into any décor – no matter whether it is destined for use as a dining table, desk or conference table.

With Mesa, Welling/Ludvik’s aim was to create an accommodating, durable and affordable table that can be used in any situation. Indeed they have succeeded with Mesa, as it fits in naturally with the busiest of environments due to its modesty. Every single embellishment has been eliminated, as well as everything else that was not absolutely necessary for the construction. The overall impression is one of both minimalism and amiability.

The tabletop is available in linoleum or laminate and is lacquered with a matte gloss 30 lacquer. This goes to strengthen the relaxed feel of the table even more and gives a pleasant contact surface, making it less vulnerable to scratches.

The table has been constructed using eco-friendly, environmentally recyclable safe materials and is easy to disassemble and destruct.