Scandinavian design fireside chair / leather / oak / ash
SPINE LOUNGE Fredericia Furniture


  • Style:

    Scandinavian design

  • Material:

    leather, oak, ash


The Spine Lounge pays respect to the traditions of hand upholstering to which Fredericia built its name on, while offering a modern flavour in its own succinct and simple way. The cushions come with optional Velcro fixing.

Space Copenhagen originally designed Spine for the interior design for a Michelin starred restaurant in 2011. Since then, the Spine series has proven extremely successful as a symbol of quality and craftmanship in high-end restaurants, bars and luxury retail shops throughout the world.

As seen in several successful Copenhagen restaurants, Spine is anchored in Nordic tradition, but with an unexpected, personal twist. The simple lines are intuitively familiar, while the unorthodox details give the furniture a striking new aesthetic. Despite the contrasting elements, the top and bottom still merge into a balanced entity.

The Spine series has a solid character where the texture of the wood and upholstery are given solid emphasis. The hand-sewn upholstery for the chair is inspired by techniques that were developed at Fredericia’s workshop for Børge Mogensen’s exclusive 1960’s leather series.

Spine is a fusion of the organic, solid, and modern. In designing the series, Space Copenhagen felt their way forward using their intuition, until reaching a balanced design that invites many hours of relaxation.

Fredericia and Space Copenhagen continue to expand on the Spine series, with the backless Spine Stool launched in 2014.

Spine Lounge - Model 1710

D: 81 cm W: 80 cm H: 71 cm Sh: 41 cm Wt: 26 kg Cbm: 0.56 cbm

Spine Lounge - Model 1712

L: 160 cm D: 81 cm H: 71 cm Sh: 41 cm Wt: 51 kg Cbm: 1.14 cbm