Standard fireside chair / Scandinavian design / ash / oak
SPINE LOUNGE by Space Copenhagen Fredericia Furniture


  • Type:


  • Style:

    Scandinavian design

  • Material:

    ash, oak, leather


Spine Lounge was designed in 2011 by Space Copenhagen and includes a dinning chair, bar stool, lounge chair, sofa, as well as a coffee, side, and dinning table. The collection pays respect to the exquisite craftsmanship of the 50´s, while offering a modern flavour in its own succinct and simple way.
In recent years, a number of dazzling Copenhagen restaurants has put Nordic cuisine on the gastronomic world map. Yet our gratitude to these metropolitan restaurants has nothing to do with food.

In connection with a number of interior design assignments for Michelin restaurants in Copenhagen, Space Copenhagen developed what eventually became the Spine series. Their first creation was a lounge chair, soon followed by a dining chair, dining table, bar stool, lounge sofa, and two coffee tables.

In line with several of these successful restaurants, Spine is anchored in Nordic tradition, but with an innovative, personal twist. The simple lines are classically Scandinavian, while the unorthodox details give the furniture a striking new expression. Despite the contrasting elements, the top and bottom still merge into an entity that is quite unique.

Space Copenhagen has indulged in quality materials that are handcrafted and give the series an authority that is striking and tangible. Available in black or natural oak and ash, with leather upholstery.


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