Engineered stone wall cladding panel / interior
MSD-214 Freund GmbH


  • Material:

    engineered stone

  • Location:



Convert your living area into the Mediterranean Oasis of your dreams.

Whether modern or rustic, all style can be designed within 32 different classic decors.

With proper planning the cladding can be rapidly applied to the walls with minimal effort.

Easily take advantage of the moisture-resistant stone panels for your bathroom. You can use simple hand tools such as jig, reciprocating, and circular saws as well as cordless screw drivers for the wall refinishing.

Technical details:

faux-stone panels with a natural rock-powder coating made of reinforced fibreglass.

approx. 3300 x 1330 mm (length and width), thickness: 3-6 mm.

Water resistant and weatherproof, equivalent hardness as wood laminates while remaining flexible (e.g. fitting on an arched ceiling), fire resistance class M3, resistance to corrosion and temperature changes and other additional benefits.


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