low filing cabinet / tall / wooden / laminate
TIPER by Roberto Danesi Frezza



  • Type:

    low, tall

  • Material:

    wooden, laminate, aluminum

  • Other characteristics:

    with hinged door, with drawers, modular, on casters

  • Style:



Flexible ​composition​s​​ and​ ​s​ophisticated shades that alternate between transparency and opacity.

The ​TIPER desks is seen as an extraordinary design thanks to the absolute formal elegance of its exclusive extruded aluminium central beam structure and die-cast aluminium legs . The TIPER office furniture collection, created by the architect Roberto Danesi, was ​designed and proposed to ​create different types of configurations and to resolve multiple project layout necessities. The tops of the TIPER glass meeting tables ​ ​are of great visual impact and allow this furniture element to be distinctive, functional and modular.​