home automation system control module
P100 Futronix


  • Type:

    for home automation systems


The P100 features stylish hand-finished switch plates of robust 2mm thick solid metal, available in the following finishes:

Stainless Steel Polished hand-polished to a high lustre
Stainless Steel Brushed matte finish resists marking
Brass Polished hand-polished to a high lustre and lacquered
White Metal powder-coated stainless with engraved logo
The P100 is the ideal dimmer for dining rooms, entertainment rooms and bedrooms. The dimmer, easily operated by a touch of the remote control, has two fully-programmable channels of lighting and a generous 20 scene capability.

Standard size switches with stylish hand-finished, solid-metal face plates complement any décor. A host of other convenient options includes a 24-hour 7-day dimmer timer that schedules your selected scenes for wake-up, welcome, and security.

With the Futronix P100 dimmer, you can dim the lights from the comfort of your chair - control the atmosphere of your room at the touch of a button or set your bedroom lights to gently fade up to wake you in the morning. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your house lights will automatically switch to a security setting at night - even when you are out!

The P100s 2 channel dimmer can be programmed to any level of brightness from 0 to 100%, with the levels automatically stored as one of 20 scenes per channel, each offering a different 'look' to your entire room or space.