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Monocrystalline PV solar panel / standard
GS170M-96 Galaxy Energy


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The accurate and high-grade processing of all our single components is what makes a Galaxy Energy module stand out from the rest. That's why we can offer a product warranty of up to 10 years.(1)

Combined with our output warranty (2) of 25 years, the pv module offers a secure investment for the years to come - for the future!

All of our modules comply with the required certificates and offer the highest reliability.(3)

The modules are flashed before and after lamination. Microcracks within the cells are controlled via electroluminescence.

(1) For a marginal extra charge the standard 5-year-warranty can be extended to 10 years.

(2) The output warranty of our modules is 90% in 10 years and 80% in 25 years.

(3) Our modules comply with certificates CE, IEC 61215, ISO, CSA, UL and TÜV security class II


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