aluminum fastening system / for walls / for ceilings / interior



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    for walls, for ceilings

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GammaStone AIR allows the dry coating of entire walls in a short time and with the maximum cleaning. It also creates a gap between the panel and the wall useful for the wiring of the building’s spaces. The footprint of the whole package is minimal, considering that just 3.5 cm are enough for the complete adjustments, hooks and GammaStone AIR panels. In this way, thanks to the little thickness, the system maximizes the livability space of the internal environments of the building.

Moreover the gap between the panels and the wall is still variable, we are able to install the mounting brackets with the length required by the designer.

The GammaStone AIR panels with marble, glass and ceramics suit perfectly to ceilings; they can be the ideal solution for designers and interior designers. The system ensures lightweight, safe coupling system, high ceiling stability even in the areas characterized by relevant seismic risk.