portable lamp / contemporary / rotomolded polyethylene / for architectural lighting
CUBOS by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales GANDIA BLASCO



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  • Material:

    rotomolded polyethylene

  • Other characteristics:

    for architectural lighting, compact fluorescent

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“A collection of outdoor lamps inspired by basic geometric shapes to create spaces full of light.” – José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales –

CUBOS is a designer lamp inspired by overlaying a basic geometrical element that is recognized by cultures around the world – the cube, a global classic that has been part of our daily lives since time immemorial.

Its sober and elegant design make this lamp a natural extension to any indoor or outdoor space, including large Contract projects.

CUBOS is a portable outdoor lamp made from 100% recyclable rotation-moulded polyethylene. The lighting comes from the 3.5m long fluorescent tubes that come included. It is designed to enjoy attractive and welcoming settings.