contemporary wardrobe / oak / MDF / with swing doors
ENA by Salih Teskeredzic Gazzda



  • Style:


  • Material:

    oak, MDF

  • Door:

    with swing doors

  • Options:

    with drawer


Our Salih once said: “For me, designing is like a game – just like a child of three plays with toys, I consider my pencil a joy! I design for pleasure - it’s never a chore“.

Salih practices what he preaches; so one day he took his pencil and blended some of his sweet childhood memories together with flashes of futurism. He started to draw lines that reminded him of days long past, days from the 60’s, filled with love, soul and passion. His shapes were refined with modern, light touches… distinct elements that form the character of what would be the first Gazzda collection. He named it after his most precious creation to date: his daughter Ena.

Product info:

Size: W: 90 cm D: 55 cm H: 200 cm

Body: Solid oak

Drawer surface: MDF - White 9010

Storage functions:

Version with shelves: Two doors incl. five compartments (soft-close) + bottom drawer (soft-close)

Version with hanger: Two doors incl. clothing rail + bottom drawer (soft-close)

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