contemporary kitchen / wood veneer / oak / lacquered wood



  • Style:


  • Material...:

    wood veneer, oak, lacquered wood, walnut

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-gloss, matte, handleless


Modern kitchen program with a strong technical-aesthetic impact presented at Eurocucina 2014 in the versions with 3 layers of Oak, Larch or Canaletto Walnut.
Velvet Elite is distinguished by an opening system with a flat recessed-profile and thick doors (26 mm thick – 1 inch) with 30° bevelled edges, that allows the opening without any need of external handles.
These details give an essential style in compliance with ergonomic parameters.
The Velvet Elite program can be also described for its transversality of materials and finishes available for doors and accessories: brushed Oak wood in 3-layer, natural or painted in 7 finishes, brushed Larch wood in 3-layer in 3 finishes, Canaletto Walnut in 3-layer, 5 special types of veneered wood also available with an high-gloss finish, veneered Oak available lacquered in 7 colors or painted in 11 colors, lacquered in 24 gloss or matte colors and special lacquers available in 5 tactile effects.