contemporary kitchen / oak / lacquered wood / walnut



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    oak, lacquered wood, walnut

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Velvet Profile-I is our kitchen collection with one of the most strong technical-aesthetic impact characterized by a thick door (26 mm thick – 1 inch); with a flat recessed-profile that creates its essential style without compromising the functional aspects. Recessed pull-profile comes in a semi-gloss aluminium finish, lacquered in high-gloss white, black anodized or wooden veneer; door opening is allowed by a built-in handle on the door rear-edge to guarantee optimal grip according to anthropometric models. The ServoDrive electrified opening system, activated by a light press (aka PushPull) on the cabinet fronts, is also available as optional.

The Velvet Profile-I program is also distinguished by the transversality of the materials and the finishes available for doors and accessories:
– 3-layer solid brushed oak: natural finished or stained in 9 colors
– 3-layer solid brushed larch: stained in 3 colors
– 3-layer solid Canaletto walnut: natural finished
– Special wood veneers: 5 precious woods also available with an ultra-gloss polyester coating
– Oak veneers: available in 7 lacquer (open-pore) colors or in 11 stain colors
– Ceramic surfaces: 4 mm (1/4 inch) thick, reinforced with a back-side metal mesh, available in 6 tactile finishes and assembled on an extruded aluminium frame available in several finishes (black anodized, black powder-coated or gloss white lacquer).