Louis XVI style dining table / lacquered wood / round
CANAL GRANDE by Luciano Dal Bello GD Arredamenti



  • Style:

    Louis XVI style

  • Material:

    lacquered wood

  • Shape:



Canal Grande is the collection of classic furniture inspired by Louis XVI style. Luciano Dal Bello has designed the Canal Grande collection with flashes of gold, reflections on water, natural colours, wax fragrances and the elegant perfumes of precious woods.
The antique and timeless style of this model is expressed through its rich decor, soft colours and the gold leaf finish throughout. This style is also reflected in the incredibly high quality choice of materials and traditional surface finishes, with a clever use of shellac, lithopone, isinglass and sandarac.
With furniture made from plywood and solid lime wood, Canal Grande is characterised by hand-carved frames, friezes and capitals, decorated with antique gold leaf or, if required, in silver or silver “mecca” varnish. The recommended handles are made from casted brass, with either a brass or antique silver finish. The glass of the collection is blown and features either lead or brass came.

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