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FORTUNA by Luciano Dal Bello GD Arredamenti



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Fortuna is a collection of classic furniture designed by Luciano Dal Bello for GD Arredamenti.
One of the places par excellence in Venice features a 17th century building crowned by a tower that holds a golden globe. The gilded bronze sphere, held up by two “atlases”, represents the world overlooked by the goddess of fortune, sculpted by Bernardo Falconi.

The statue rotates, indicating to the Venetians the direction of the wind and the variability of life’s events. Like the interiors of the ancient buildings that are reflected on the Grand Canal, GD Arredamenti presents this collection which takes its inspiration, just like the wind, from the most sophisticated and elegant of styles.

The furniture of the Fortuna collection is made from solid Lime wood, with either a natural or lacquered finish. This collection features 35 mm pillars that interrupt the continuity of the units, defining precise sections of furniture.
The Fortuna collection can be used to create bespoke kitchens, living room furniture, bookcases and wooden panelling.

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