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THE DOGE’S LIBRARY by Luciano Dal Bello GD Arredamenti



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“La Libreria del Doge” (The Doge’s library) is a classic piece of furniture, with a bespoke modular structure, belonging to the Fortuna Gold collection, designed by Luciano Dal Bello for GD Arredamenti.
On top of Venice’s “Dogana da Mar”, the old customs building, two “atlases” are on their knees supporting a golden sphere holding the “Statua della Fortuna” (“Statue of Fortune”). The rich architecture of the buildings overlooking the statue has inspired the sophisticated, stylish details of this collection, full of history and age-old expertise. The collection, made from Lime wood and characterised by its pillar decorations, goes perfectly with the gold leaf, especially if lacquered and aged.
The Libreria del Doge can be combined with wooden panelling or with the open units from the Fortuna Gold collection.

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