contemporary kitchen / wood veneer / oak / lacquered



  • Style:


  • Material...:

    wood veneer, oak

  • Other characteristics:

    lacquered, matte, with integrated handle


Modern kitchen program distinguished by a thick door (26 mm – 1 inch) this design detail takes advantage of the decorative contribution of the handle, giving an excellent form-function ratio.
Thanks to the optional electrified opening system, ServoDrive activated by light press (aka PushPull), a version without handles is also available, achieving a neat look with an unique formal cleanliness.

The Velvet Profile Handle program is also distinguished by the transversality of materials and finishes available for doors and accessories:
– 3-layer solid brushed oak: natural finished or stained in 9 colors
– 3-layer solid brushed larch: stained in 3 colors
– Special wood veneers: 5 precious woods also available with an ultra-gloss polyester coating
– Oak veneers: available in 7 lacquer (open-pore) colors or in 11 stain colors
– Lacquer: 24 high-gloss or matte polyester-based colors
– Special lacquer: available in 5 tactile textures (including cements, brass and oxidized steel)
Velvet Handle cabinetry can also be combined with both Velvet Profile-I and Velvet Profile-C collections.