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polycarbonate traffic light / LED
GTX™ GE Lighting



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GE’s 14th generation of LED signal, leveraging 15 years of experience & over 6,000,000 units sold worldwide

Outstanding Performance

Up to 80% energy savings vs. 50W incandescent bulb.
Central light source for a uniform looking signal.
Phantom class 5.*
Operates from -40°C to +60°C.

Maximum Flexibility
New micro-controlled power supply is packed with advanced functionality that can be unlocked and customized to fit your specific needs.
Low profile module permits efficient installation into existing traffic housings.
Offers multiple step and gradual dimming configurations for ultimate customization.
Easy-to-install internal mask compatible to fit your unique signaling needs.**

Meets Rigorous Certification & Testing Standards
Compliant with EN12368:2006 & HD 638.
IP65 Ingress Protection Rating.
Designed and tested through GE’s rigorous Six Sigma process.
100% of GE signals are performance tested and traceable by serial numbers.

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