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Commercial electronic single handle mixer tap for washbasin

Geberit's power station
A small generator in the supply pipe makes the touchless Geberit taps independent from the electrical power supply or battery power. Whenever the tap is in use, the flowing water charges the hydroelectric turbine which produces electricity. The electricity produced is stored in a rechargable battery that makes sure the tap is operational at any time.

The lifetime of the product is not influenced by intermittent use, making it perfectly poised for use in the commercial washroom, while no additional back up is required as the battery is built to last around 10 years in a working bathroom. Back up is available should it ever be needed in the shape of a battery charger and analysis tool, which not only recharges the control units to 100 per cent power within five hours, but can also be used to analyse the function of the generator, the control unit and the tap itself.

Geberits new self sustaining power supply is the ideal choice for buildings that need to follow strict ecological guidelines. This system reduced the ecological impact down to 50% compared to the use of batteries and 80% compared to an electrical connection.


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