entrance mat for public buildings / aluminum / polyamide / dust control



  • Market:

    for public buildings

  • Material:

    aluminum, polyamide

  • Options:

    dust control, with profiles, recyclable


The label ECONYL® represents an innovative and eco-friendly regeneration process of high-quality polyamide extracted from waste. The process was introduced by the Italian company Aquafil and received the German Sustainability Award in 2014. ECONYL® fibres are not based on crude oil, but are recovered from old curtains, textiles, and even fishing nets. In a process using sustainable chemicals, polyamide is extracted from waste without any loss in quality and spun into industry-standard yarn. The production of 10,000 tons of ECONYL® Caprolactam saves 70,000 barrels of crude oil and leads 12,600 tons of waste into the recycling process. Today, 80 percent of all textile waste is disposed on landfill sites or waste incineration plants, so the methodology described above has a huge potential for waste prevention. Many manufacturers have already started using ECONYL® fibres for a variety of products: clothes, swimwear, high-quality flooring for public buildings. We also considers ECONYL® to be an innovative, sustainable material. For that reason, we provide an entrance matting system with ribbed carpet made of 100 percent ECONYL® fibres. The recycling ribbed carpet was developed in cooperation with our partner especially for use in entrance mats.