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unisex children's bedroom furniture set / baby



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In a hectic world, very small children in particular need a consistent spot that is full of calm and love. The desire for the romance of the countryside, airy freshness and natural lightness is a child‘s dream come true with Cottage. Unusual details such as the beautifully shaped fittings add an element of individual design to the room without interrupting the classic charm of the nursery.
Child´s bed
incl. removable side
3 Slip rungs
70 x 140 cm
Art. no. 1178 KB

Nappy changing chest
1 Drawer, 3 Shelves, 3 Doors
W 111,5 x H 90 x L 75,5 cm
Art. no. 1178 WK

Wall shelf
W 80 x H 40 x L 21 cm
Art. no. 1178 WR

Wardrobe, three piece
3 Doors, 3 Clothes rails, 6 Shelves
W 139,5 / H 190 / L 57,5/ 61 cm
Art. no. 1178 S3

High shelf unit
4 Shelves, 2 Drawers
W 104,5 / H 148 / L 45/ 48,5 cm
Art. no. 1178 HR