contemporary shelf / glass / stainless steel



  • Style:


  • Material:

    glass, stainless steel


R16 is available in a variety of models:
R16 stands on the floor, against a wall and is secured to the wall for additional support.
R16W hangs completely on the wall at four points.
R16F is freestanding via a third leg.
R16FC corner model.
Beyond the standard models, custom fabrication, tailored to the customer’s needs, available upon request.

A stainless steel frame constructed of 3 × 3 cm stainless steel tubing holds brackets for glass shelves that may be placed at any height. The brackets are sand cast and available in aluminium or brass. Nickel or patinated brass models are also available. The stainless steel is available in matte or polished finish and the 10 mm glass plates in clear or satin finish.

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