resin flooring / marble dust / for public buildings / smooth



  • Material:

    resin, marble dust

  • Market:

    for public buildings

  • Finish:


  • Appearance:

    terrazzo look

  • Color:


  • Options:

    interior, self-leveling, security


The Venetian resin floor known also as Terrazzo alla Veneziana was born in ancient Greece and then resumed in the Venetian lagoon to use recycled materials.
The Veneziana floor is today a high quality product, universally appreciated; Giesse Service has decided to offer its customers a new version of the Terrazzo alla Veneziana where the binder is the resin assembled with the grit of multiple colors, sizes and nature, thus replicating the effect of a product of high craftsmanship and artistic value. Known as beaten or sown, the Venetian resin floor is composed of a base of marble dust on which the chosen granules are distributed like Murano glass, precious stones (mother of pearl, onyx, amethyst ..). This flooring gives a touch of classicism, evoking ancient atmospheres and the splendours of the past era, without however taking away practicality and security. It is a durable construction, capable of absorbing strong stresses without danger of cracks; it can be laid on obsolete or deteriorated structures.