smoothing coating / protective / indoor / floor
MULTI-LAYERED giesseService



  • Function:

    protective, smoothing

  • Location:


  • Type of support:

    floor, for industrial applications

  • Component:

    epoxy, polyurethane, synthetic resin

  • Appearance:

    concrete look

  • Finish:


  • Options:



The anti-slip multi-layer coating is a continuous floor based on epoxy resin, completed with polyurethane resin finishes. It is made by applying multiple layers of resin, one on the other, in order to obtain an anti-slip surface with good qualities of mechanical resistance. The anti-slip multi-layer is a shock-resistant and abrasion-resistant, elastic and waterproof floor. The thickness of the anti-slip multilayer varies from 1 to 4 millimeters and can be completed with particular antiacid and anticorrosive treatments, in order to increase the resistance characteristics of the flooring.