multifunction home automation system touch screen / wall-mounted



  • Applications:

    for multifunction home automation systems

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The Gira Control 19 Client 2 – a touch screen PC for controlling the KNX installation via the Gira HomeServer or FacilityServer – has been given a complete hardware overhaul. Thanks to technical progress in the field of computers, components that perform their tasks reliably and energy-efficiently are now available for the display, motherboard, and even the power supply unit. The maximum energy requirement has been reduced from 39W to 24W, and in standby mode from just 5W to an incredible 1.1W. Less power loss also means less waste heat, and therefore an increased service life. The Gira Control 19 Client 2 is operated using a large, brilliant display with a screen diagonal of 47 cm (18.5"), which clearly and concisely illustrates many of the building technology functions via the Gira Interface.