home multimedia system touch screen / wall-mounted



  • Applications:

    for home multimedia systems

  • Installation:



The Gira Control 9 Client is a PC-based operating device for the Gira HomeServer 3 or FacilityServer. With its brilliant touch screen it enables control of the complete building technology with one finger. The Gira Interface on the 22.86 cm [9"] touch display ensures a clear overview and easy access.

It thus enables the simple operation of innovative systems. All devices that can be used for building control via the Gira HomeServer 3 and FacilityServer and based on the KNX/EIB system are presented throughout in a uniformly structured interface design. All functions are available within two levels. Clear and intuitive menu guidance ensures quick access. The device can also be used as a home station via the Gira DCS-IP-gateway.

The Gira Control 9 Client can be remote-controlled with the HomeServer 3/FacilityServer via a system service. In this way the Gira Control 9 Client can be set to energy-saving Standby mode when absent, and can be awakened upon return (WakeonLan). Furthermore, the screensavers can be started or external programmes such as a web browser can be started or quit. Many other possibilities are covered by the documentation.