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CHROMA Glamora



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    fabric look

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Images of the Far East, its sumptuous fabrics, the texture of silk and cashmere, reach us across the distances of time and space. Mid-century home décor, with its vintageflavoured subjects and colour scheme, enjoys a comeback. From the depths of a traveller’s imagination comes a new brand of abstract contemporary art. We see it in the trendiest galleries, as it discretely makes its way into the exhibit spaces with compositions of lines and geometric shapes interpreted in an entirely innovative way. In our remembrances, walls light up with iridescent images, with fluid shading punctuated by sudden flashes, pulled apart and outlined by the light of a prism – or they come to life by the unassuming appearance of plants, leaves, and blossoms that harken back to Nature and to artists’ gardens. Surfaces that speak to a land far, far away.

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