glass railing / glass panel / indoor / outdoor
GM RAILING Epic Glas Marte GmbH



  • Material:


  • Configuration:

    glass panel

  • Location:

    indoor, outdoor

  • Applications:

    for decks, for platforms, for patios, for balconies, for stairs


GM RAILING® Epic specifically for the areas subject to high loads according to EN 1991 Cat C5.

The patented full glass railing, especially in the architecture for the event area.
Sports stadiums, theaters and nightclubs etc. with large gatherings of people
exposed to very high loads.

GM RAILING® Epic, even for areas that presuppose a high protection goal because
of the risk potential to offer an all-glass balustrade range, which meets these requirements
and with the usual high quality standard of GM RAILING® full glass railing is performed.
GM RAILING® Epic is designed for loads up to 3 kN / m line load designed on the handrail.

Special advantages GM RAILING® Epic

Acc. EN 1991-1-1:2003 cat. C5 means human crush
Optimal glass embedding without drilling holes in glass
The modular design principle reduces construction and planning costs
Versatile design options

Product advantages

Tested range may be used without further admission procedures
All proofs acc. to german standards are provided
The modular design principle reduces construction and planning costs
Best possible glass fixation and glass bearing without boreholes in the glass
Continuous adjustment guarantees sophisticated appearance
Versatile design options
Numerous engineering benefits even in the case of service