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MODUS™ Glasdon Group Limited



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  • Material...:

    plastic, aluminum

  • Options and accessories:

    recycling, contemporary


A high-capacity housing that securely contains a wheeled bin in a tidy manner.

Modus is available in two sizes - a 770 model designed to house a 600, 660 or 770ltr wheeled bin, or a 1280 model designed for either 1100 or 1280ltr containers.

A hooded peak helps to protect the aperture from the elements. The Vandalex® frame provides exceptional strength and weather resistance. The Modus Housing features a base skirting to keep pests out and conceal the door wheel, which is adjustable to ensure easy opening. A stainless steel hinge provides strength and security.

Modus Housing features Ecoboard™ panels, an extremely strong, 100% recycled material made from recycled wheelie bins and polyethylene carrier bags. The material will not chip or rust, is easy to wipe clean and never needs painting.

Design Features

Hood peak.
Front-opening door with door stay.
Base skirting.
Three-point locking system.
Adjustable legs.
Aperture panels & graphics.


Vandalex Frame: Silver.
Ecoboard Panels: Dark Grey.
Aperture: Black.
Hood: Anthracite Grey.


Frame: Aluminium with Vandalex® Coating.
Hood: Durapol® Material.
Panelling: 100% recycled Ecoboard Material.


Height: 1660mm.
Width: 1614mm.
Depth: 1257mm (1280ltr), 923mm (770ltr).
Capacity: up to 1280ltr depending on model chosen.
Weight: 102kg (770ltr), 119kg (1280ltr).

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