public trash can / wall-mounted / recycled plastic / contemporary
SUPER TRIMLINE 50 Glasdon Group Limited



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    recycled plastic

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Super Trimline 50HSL bin has a 50-litre removable body and a curved hood to protect contents from the elements.

The bin features the unique Glasdon pivot-action bin release and locking operation.

For quick and easy emptying, the bin body is locked into the unique stainless steel backbone, which remains attached to the wall or post at all times for security and ease of use. Once emptied or cleaned, the bin body is replaced onto the pivot bar and is easy to slam to lock.
Design Features

Bin-it Symbol in Gold, Silver, Black or White.
Curved hood.
Pivot-action bin release and locking mechanism.
Anti-burst lock - key to open, slam to lock.
Stainless steel backbone.
Fixings for wall or post mounting.
Cigarette stubber plate.

Bin body: Bright Red, Dark Blue, Deep Green, Black.
Hood: Black.
Bin body: Durapol®
Metal liner: Zinc-coated steel
Sack retention system: Stainless steel
Backbone: Stainless steel
Hood: Duraplus™

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