battery recycling container
C-THRU NEXUS® 30 Glasdon Group Limited



C-Thru Nexus 30 Battery Recycling Bin incorporates easily identifiable graphics and a clear bin body to prevent cross-contamination of waste and allows the operator to see when the bin needs emptying.

C-Thru Nexus 30 Battery Recycling Bin is supplied with a handle on the back to help decant the batteries when emptying the bin. A warning sticker on the side of the bin body indicates when the bin weighs approximately 25kg, so the operator can empty the unit safely.

Design Features

Moulded-in hidden sack retention.
Pivoting lid and lid stay.
25kg weight warning sticker.


Bin Body: Clear
Lid: Mid Grey
Aperture: Magenta


Bin body: Clear Duratec™
Lid: Duratec™


Height: 626mm
Width: 335mm
Depth: 308mm
Capacity: 30 litres
Weight: 2.8kg

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