recycled plastic trash can / recycling / commercial / swing
NEXUS® 2.5 Glasdon Group Limited



  • Material...:

    recycled plastic

  • Options and accessories:

    recycling, commercial, swing, contemporary


The Nexus 2.5 Desktop Recycling Unit is the perfect companion to your recycling centre-based scheme. Nexus 2.5 allows users to save up small amounts of recyclable material for trips to a central recycling point. This reduces time away from your desk and the temptation to simply drop recyclable material into the nearest rubbish bin.

Measuring 140mm x 161.5mm, Nexus 2.5 takes up minimal space, and its 'D' shape will let it fit just about anywhere on your workstation.

The bin has a flip lid to keep contents tidied away and the whole top is removable for easy emptying and cleaning.

Nexus 2.5's smooth surfaces can be personalised with a choice of standard recycling graphics or your company's logo.

Design Features

Removable lid.
Recycling sticker.
Sold in quantities of 6.


Bin Body & Flip Lid: Dark Grey
Lid: Light Grey


Height: 217.5mm
Width: 140mm
Depth: 161.5mm
Capacity: 2.5 litres
Weight: 0.2kg

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