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NEXUS® 100 DUO Glasdon Group Limited



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    recycled plastic

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    recycling, contemporary


Our best-selling Nexus 100 is the perfect solution for your workplace's recycling needs. Nexus 100 Duo collects cans and plastic bottles separately in a single space-saving unit.

Nexus 100 has a sleek design and collects large amounts of recyclables without taking up valuable floor space.

The door is removable and features wheels on the base to transport heavier loads a short distance to collection areas. A drip tray in the base of the door prevents waste liquid from drinks cans or bottles leaking out onto the floor.

Design Features

Sack retention system.
Pivoting lid and lid stay.
Heavy duty wheels on door.
Drip tray.
Non-marking Durapol® feet.


Bin Door & Lid: Pastel Grey
Bin Body & Drip Tray: Mid Grey


Bin body, door, lid and aperture panels: Duratec™
Sack retention system: Durapol®


Height: 1007mm
Width: 544mm
Depth: 397mm
Capacity: 2 x 50 litres

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