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Turbocast 300 Gritter spreads dry, damp or wet grit/salt mixture. With its adjustable wide-spread spinning action, Turbocast 300 Gritter spreads to a width of between 3 and 7 metres with minimum effort.

Designed with a balanced weight distribution, Turbocast 300 can be easily pushed along, even when fully laden.

The hopper is manufactured from corrosion-resistant, double-skinned Durapol® Material in Yellow Ref 356 to BS 381 C. Turbocast 300 has an extra-durable Armortec® coated chassis.

Design Features

Easy to empty.
Slim design.
Range of settings allows accurate controlled dosing.
Gritter can be disengaged for transportation without losing any material.
All mechanisms are protected to prolong service life.
Solid rubber-cushioned tyres.
Polypropylene spinning plate spreads grit up to 7 metres wide.


Hopper: Yellow.
Frame: Black.


Length: 1235mm
Width: 670mm
Height: 950mm
Capacity: 52ltr
Maximum payload: 66kg of wet brown rock salt
Unladen weight: 43kg
Area of coverage: up to 1,432m²
Maximum spreading width: approx. 7.3 metres

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