recessed floor light fixture / LED / rectangular / outdoor
SUBLITE LUMINO™ Glasdon Group Limited



  • Type:

    recessed floor

  • Light source:


  • Shape:


  • Location:


  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    for public spaces


Sublite Lumino LED Uplighter illuminates ref. 606 sign on Chevroflex Ultra Sign System without compromising safety.

Design Features

Flush ground uplighter removes the potential impact hazard created by a traditional post-mounted downlighter.
Low energy and low maintenance - only 12W power consumption.
Highly resilient, 100% recycled Durapol® Material underground box is IP67 rated to prevent dust and water ingress.
LEDs carry a 10-year warranty and have a 50,000 hour minimum expected life - no more annual bulb changes.
A phototransistor ensures the unit is only illuminated during the hours of darkness and draws minimal standby power.
Hinged LED plate allows for adjustment after installation.
Designed to withstand accidental drive-over.
Multiple ducting options and optional extension chambers can be added to adapt Sublite Lumino to meet your requirements.


Sublite Underground Box, Ducting Chamber and Splitter: 100% Recycled Durapol Material.
LED Lighting Unit: Durapol Material.
Concrete-in bars: Mild Steel BZP.
Installation Lid, Surround: 100% Recycled ABS.


Underground Box:
Length: 335mm.
Width: 300mm.
Depth below ground: 224mm.
Lumino Uplighter:
Length: 445mm.
Width: 445mm.
Maximum height above ground: 90mm.