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MULTIBIN™ Glasdon Group Limited



  • Type:


  • Material...:

    recycled plastic

  • Options and accessories:

    contemporary, commercial


The MultiBin™ 85 is an 85 litre, heavy duty litter bin that can be used in a variety of applications. Such as in schools, on factory floors, production lines and kitchens. It is available with a variety of coloured lids or just as the bin body on its own.

The large rubber grip handles are designed for ease of lifting, the MultiBin™ also features smooth internal and external surfaces which makes the bin very easy to keep clean. The bin bodies and lids are created from our own Duraplene™, which makes them extremely strong and durable.


Bin body: Black
Lid (Optional): Black/Green/Red/Yellow


Bin body & lid: Duraplene™


Width: 480mm
Width (inc handles): 570mm
Height (without lid): 620mm
Height (with lid): 650mm
Weight: 1.9 kg
Weight (with lid): 2.6 kg

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