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    contemporary, recycling, anti-terrorism


Triple recycling stations offer three waste streams of recycling collection within one single unit, ideal for limited spaced areas within schools, canteens and workplaces.

Triple recycling stations are a clear choice for easily inspected recycling schemes. C-Thru 180 Trio Recycling Bin contains three segregated recycling streams in a single large-capacity unit.

Clear recycling bins reduce cross-contamination of recyclable waste and enable easy viewing of contents for removal, which saves time and unnecessary manual handling. The Government has recommended clear bins for certain areas and events for security reasons.

C-Thru 180 Recycling Bins offer the largest capacity of any Glasdon indoor recycling bin - 180 litres. This makes the C-Thru 180 Bin an excellent choice for extremely busy areas. The round shape makes the C-Thru 180 perfect for "island" style recycling points in corridors or open spaces.

C-Thru 180 Trio Recycling Bins are available with either indoor or outdoor hoods. C-Thru 180 Trio is supplied as standard with bright, clear graphics that comply with the national Recycle Now scheme, ensuring users can easily identify the bin's purpose.
Design Features

Segregated open top.
Galvanised steel dividers.
Keyed lock.
Sack retention system.
We can provide custom graphics options for any combination of waste streams - contact our sales office for more information.

Hood: Grey
Body: Clear
Plinth: Grey
Hood and plinth: Durapol®
Body: Clear Polycarbonate
Height: 978mm
Diameter: 590mm
Capacity: 180 litres
Weight: 12.5kg

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