steel cycle shelter / secure
MODUS™ Glasdon Group Limited



  • Specifications:

    steel, secure


This space–saving, environmentally friendly, secure cycle locker is the ideal bike storage solution for schools and colleges. The Modus bike locker protects bikes from weather, theft and vandalism.

Modus is a secure, space-saving, environmentally friendly cycle locker that can be arranged in various configurations to suit your particular site layout.

Modus Cycle Locker can be laid out in a wide range of formations to maximise space. A minimum of 2 lockers must be installed together to ensure stable placement.

A wheel guide and locking rail inside the unit allow the bicycle to be quickly secured inside the locker.

Modus Cycle Lockers feature a robust aluminium frame with Vandalex® Coating. The steel door is treated with an Armortec® Coating to protect against the elements, and the combination of security strip and T-handle lock restricts unauthorised access.

Modus Cycle Lockers are constructed from Ecoboard™ Panels, a 100% recycled product made from post-consumer waste. As with other products in the Modus family, Modus Cycle Lockers can be extensively personalised - please contact our sales office for more information.

All Modus Cycle Lockers are supplied with door number plaques to make the units easy to identify for your users. Just confirm your preferred numbering pattern when we confirm your order and we'll do the rest.