steel cycle shelter / secure
BIKEMINDER® Glasdon Group Limited



  • Specifications:

    steel, secure


The Bike–Minder cycle locker is a durable, secure and fire resistant bike locker available in a variety of colours, ideal for train stations, outside housing blocks, apartment buildings, and workplaces.

Bikeminder Cycle Lockers are secure bike lockers available in a wide range of colours and configurations.

Bikeminder Cycle Lockers are manufactured from reinforced plastic-coated steel panels and feature a steel plinth with an Armortec® Coating for long-lasting durability. The lockers offer a high level of fire resistance and the reinforcement ensures the panels will stand up to impact.

A single door leaf and lift-up access panel provide for easy manoeuvring of bicycles in and out of the locker. The door is fitted with a flush-fitting lock assembly and individual wheel security devices can be used with the guide rail as an additional security measure.

A Double Bikeminder Cycle Locker unit is available.

For areas where floor space is limited or where pedestrian access is paramount, vertical Bikeminder Cycle Lockers provide a solution. Constructed to the same high standard as the conventional Bikeminder designs, vertical models save on floor space by allowing bicycles to be easily stored in an almost vertical resting position in the guide rail, with no risk of damaging the wheels.