steel bike rack / plastic / for public spaces
CYCLEGUARD™ Glasdon Group Limited



  • Material:

    steel, plastic

  • Market:

    for public spaces


This Cycleguard Parking Bollard is a robust bike stand for where space is limited such as small car parks, outside workplaces, outside shops and supermarkets, and town centres.

Cycleguard Cycle Parking Bollard is a straight-legged cycle parking unit ideal for locations where space is limited.

Individual cycle parking bollards allow versatile placement and flexible capacity. Two bikes can be securely locked in parallel to each bollard.

The slim, robust design allows a number of different types of cycle lock to be used with ease.

Delivered in assembled form for installation by our customers.

Head: Black, Millstone, Sandstone, Granite.
Legs: Dark Grey.
Head of Bollard: Durapol® Material.
Legs: Tubular mild steel with Armortec® Coating.
Height Above Ground: 900mm