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    for public spaces


The Modus shelter provides a waiting area that protects from adverse weather conditions. It is ideal for bus stops and train station platforms or taxi ranks. A perch seat can also be added to this outdoor waiting shelter.

Modus Waiting Shelter is a durable shelter ideal for applications where space and/or budget is limited.

Modus Shelter features a robust, double-skinned Durapol® Material roof. The panels are made from 100% recycled Ecoboard™ Material and is available in 2 sizes.

Modus Shelters are supplied in fully assembled form ready for fixing down on to a prepared concrete base immediately upon delivery. Shelters can also be supplied as a self-assembly kit for multiple roll out programmes or sites with restricted access.

For details of Modus as a dedicated smoking shelter that complies with all relevant UK legislation, please visit Modus Smoking Shelter.

Design Features

Optional features include blank or printed signage, perch seating or a blank Ecoboard rear panel for siting against a wall.
Normally delivered fully assembled - flat-pack delivery is available for sites with restricted access.
Robust double-skinned roof.
Available in 2 sizes - 770 Model or 1280 Model.
A new transparent roof option is available - please contact our sales office for more details.